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Cozy Christmas Planner

With this Christmas Planner comes our fervent wish that you have the wonderful Christmas that you want. A Christmas full of love, cheer and peace that feels stress-free, spiritual, and enjoyable.  

  • NO last minute trips to the store

  • NO forgetting a party or appointment 

  • NO fighting over money

  • NO what's for dinner

  • NO feeling of being overwhelmed by holiday tasks, kids, work, or all of the extra activities.


Planning is the key to a stress-free and enjoyable Christmas. In this section, we will begin by understanding what type of Christmas do you want, how much time do you have to spend on Christmas, and what old and new traditions do you want to participate in this holiday season.


Our big decorating projects are the Christmas Tree and the fireplace mantel. We have a large nutcracker collection as each of our children get a different nutcracker each year and I collect them as well. Our nutcracker collection spills over to our bookcase as well now. As I discussed in the Entertaining section, we have a Decorating Tree Party. Each year a different person in our family gets to choose the color scheme and theme for the Christmas season. 

Holiday Traditions and Activities

There are so many options for holiday traditions and activities. As time goes on, they will most likely change over time and that is OK. Here are just a few of the traditions we have had over time: tree decorating party, opening our pj's on Christmas Eve, Christmas Cookie Caper, a cast member in the church Christmas program, volunteering for the Christmas Eve food giveaway, ringing bells for Salvation Army, bake a baby Jesus cake, and invite someone without family to Christmas Dinner. Choose the traditions and activities that bring you and your family joy and make the holiday meaningful.

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