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Soulmate Crate

Staying together has never been easier

Self Awareness

Do you feel stuck, are you getting passed over for promotions, are you in a rut?  With more than 40 years of combined corporate experience with fortune 1 companies, we are uniquely qualified to help you get unstuck, to rocket to the next promotion or to acknowledge that you're not in the right position/company.  Warning:  be prepared for professional candid feedback.  


Our passion is to see women thrive in their own businesses. Whether you are searching for how to 'start up' your business, want someone to hold you accountable to the things you know you need to be doing, or want a business assessment, we are thrilled to help you blast off  or to throttle up in your business. 

Social Connection

The only thing more exciting than experiencing an Aha moment is helping you to experience your Aha moment.  We specialize in the areas of Project Management, Resiliency, Leadership, Change Management, Influence, Communication and DISC personality assessments. 

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