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Take the Stress & Chaos out of the Holidays

using Cozy Christmas Planner

This Cozy Christmas Planning Kit includes adorable and useful Christmas Planner pages and templates for a variety of tasks that need to be completed. 


Make your holidays planning easier with our new Cozy Christmas Planner! This kit of 40+ pages will help you to stay organized and plan your Christmas party, menu, decorations, winter activities, gifts, etc.


I love making lists and, even more so, checking things off when they are complete! Years ago I made a Cozy Christmas Planner and it was such a big help during the holidays. It has become a tradition for my daughter and I to schedule time to plan the holiday season together with the Christmas Planner.


 I even have a blank December calendar printable that you can use for keeping December straight, noting holiday parties, when and where to gift shop, or even to keep up with the antics of your Elf on the Shelf (which is what I use it for).


The planner is helpful if you want to attempt to stick to a budget for Christmas. This alone can keep the stress down.   Track costs and purchases. 



Practical, Time Tested

Introducing the Cozy Christmas Planner.  It will save you time and money, reduce your stress level and keep you well organized this holiday season.  The planner contains 40+ pages and includes tips and ideas for your Best Christmas ever! Buy now and get started today, 

Project Management Certified

Kay has been a Certified Project Management Professional and a busy mom for more than 10 years. She is known for having 'a template for everything'. Kay uses her project management knowledge in all areas of her life; even Christmas. 



Kay’s insight is second to none.  She knows the importance of drawing from her personal experiences to connect with her clients and inspire them to work towards their own dreams of a fulfilling and successful life. 


"I know you have a pretty solid career, and I want to get advice on how I can get one as well. "


"I have been fortunate to work both with and for Donna for many years. Donna is an amazing mentor and champion. She will help you build on your successes but will challenge you and stretch you to new heights."


What do you want your testimonial to say?  Contact us today so you can begin your transformation. We can't wait to get started. 



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